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The Media War:

May it happen or not, Lynn's death will bring in the public area a (heated) debate over the right to die vs those who say your body belongs to someone/something else, and therefore you'd have to suffer as much as thrown at you for as long as it happens. Lynn's family is being restricted by law to communicate about that at the moment, so this website will try to carry their voice, but with some legal restrictions.

The Fine Print:

- This website is being administered, contents fed and financially supported by a third party, not by Lynn's family.

- Contents of this website are not endorsed by Lynn's family, and are not under their responsibility in any way.

- Statements issued by the family are filtered by the police and do not reflect what Lynn's mother, father and brother are willing to say.

As much as possible, we will try to provide support and unbiased information as coming straight from Lynn's family (or reputable, supportive sources and partner organisations), to the extend permitted by law. Filtered contents will be noted as such, quotes from Lynn and her family or personal opinion/position from the webmaster will receive the same treatment.

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